Oil on canvas; 2020 year.


Width : 95 cm
Height : 110 cm




This painting was painted as part of a triptych depicting Italy during the epidemic. That country was all over the news at the time. I had never been there, but in art history classes at the academy, I studied the works of the great masters in great detail: painting, sculpture, and architecture. I experienced goosebumps and was taken away by the beauty and grandeur of their works when the professors showed me the masterpieces of world art and explained to me their histories. It seemed as if I was immersed in a world without modern technology and medicine, but with the greatest desire for art. It is impossible to argue that the works of great artists are among the greatest achievements of mankind, and it is critical that we do not lose this understanding and continue to create art and leave it in history.
When the pandemic began, people were not allowed to leave their homes in Italy, and the first photographs of deserted streets and cities appeared, it made a huge impression on me because, perhaps for the first time in history, these streets were deserted, and we could see them as such, even if only from a photograph.
It was also the first time the Pope conducted a liturgy in an empty square near St. Peter’s Cathedral. This story formed the foundation of this work.
This painting has been shown in several exhibitions in Moscow and Tbilisi.

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