Secret View of Mount Mtatsminda No. 2


Acrylic on canvas; 2023 year


Width : 85 cm
Height : 645 cm




I discovered this motif when hiking to the base of Mount Mtatsminda. From this perspecThis painting was inspired by the same location as the lanterns diptych.

It is an old hotel building with a courtyard bustling with activity: noisy parties, small stores. In my mind, it takes me back to the Harry Potter universe, where everything is small, houses have ancient crooked windows, and there are plenty of small shops selling wizarding stuff. I admire the architectural features in Georgia with great affection and feel as if I am touching a part of my favorite fictional universe.

tive, the mountain is seen by people who live in small houses with little windows of half-basement apartments, and crooked balconies with carved wooden decorations.

In this location I get the impression of slowing down in a modest home in a fairy-tale world, as if I am going behind the scenes of a small theater.

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