Size: 31,5″x 31,5″x0,7″/ Year: 2022/ Style: Eclecticism Original art: Amsterdam™ acrylic paint on Unico™ canvas.

Width : 80 cm
Height : 80 cm


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Who are we to the majority of the world community?
The country is in some sort of military conflict.
What kind of conflict does he know?
It’s just that there are some inconveniences.
Gasoline has become more expensive, hamburgers or other…
They live an ordinary life.
They sleep, go to work, to a cafe, have some fun.
And they read VOGUE
Thanks to very competent photos of the first lady, they will learn that Ukraine is not a puritanical country with dolls in crowns, but a modern state.
And that we have a war.
And yes, it’s hard…

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