Size: 12″x10″x0,8″ Year: 2019 Original acrilyc painting on natural cotton canvas.

Width : 25 cm
Height : 30 cm




In this series of artworks I depict the illusory nature of the world. After all, who knows what it is – the objective reality? We live in our own worlds full of fantasies, beliefs and limitations. Information gathered from different parts of the retina is combined into one image, stabilization of which occurs by rejecting the incorrect, distorted images that the visual system sometimes gives. Thus, perception is not a blind copy of reality, but a creative process of learning which includes elements of fantasy and the subconscious. The concept of beauty is intuitive and associated with emotions and personal experience.
In this series of artworks, I create a space for the interpretation of reality, which openes the scope for freedom of thinking.
I want you, while contemplating these paintings, to see not what I see, but to have space to create your own meanings and get your own unique experience.

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