Sunrise-Sunset Magic

United States (US)

A magical view of a large Hibiscus flower set against a tropical ocean sunset. This unusual painting can be hung in either of 2 ways, as a sunrise or flipped over as a sunset.  It is rare for a painting to compositionally read well when turned upside down, however this is one such instance.

Width : 30.48 cm
Height : 1.27 cm




This is a rare painting composition that works 2 ways. It was not planned, it just works brilliantly.
A richly colored single large Hibiscus flower reflects the brilliance of a glorious tropical sunrise until it is turned 180 degrees; then this same painting magically becomes a fantastic tropical sunset.
Frame it to hang it either way and change to suit your mood.

Sorry, framing is not due to costs in Hawaii. This save you a lot.

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