The abduction of Europe

Rakhmet Redzhepov

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Agenor – the king of the rich Phoenician city of Sidon – had three sons and a daughter, be...


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100 cm
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Agenor – the king of the rich Phoenician city of Sidon – had three sons and a daughter, beautiful as the immortal goddess, whose name was Europe.
One day Europe had a dream in which she saw how Asia and the mainland, separated from Asia by sea, in the form of two women, fought for her. In the end, Asia, which brought up and nurtured Europe, was defeated, and she had to cede Europe to another woman.
Waking up from fear, the young daughter of Agenor began to humbly pray that the gods would turn away the misfortune that threatened her from her, and then, dressed in purple clothes woven with gold, she went for a walk with her friends in a meadow located near the sea, where Sidon girls frolic, gathered fragrant flowers into their golden baskets. Having gathered flowers, the virgins began laughing with a cheerful dance. Their young voices rang far across a flowering meadow and emerald sea, drowning out the gentle splashing of the waves.
At this time, Europe, shining with its extraordinary beauty among its girlfriends, was seen by the son of Kron, the mighty thunderer Zeus, who, having immediately fallen in love with her, decided to kidnap the girl, turning into a wonderful bull with sparkling wool like gold. A silver spot burned on his forehead, like the radiance of the moon, and his golden horns were curved like a young month.
Of extraordinary beauty, Zeus the bull approached the girls, barely touching the grass, so as not to frighten them. Sidon virgins, surrounded by a marvelous animal, began to gently stroke him. The bull’s breath was fragrant with amvrosia, filling it with aroma all the air.
Europe, too, began to stroke the bull with its gentle hand on the golden wool, hugging and kissing his head. A miracle bull lay at the feet of a beautiful woman, as if asking her to sit on him. But, as soon as, laughing, Europe sat on the broad back of the bull, he abruptly jumped up and quickly rushed to the sea.
The Sidonian women cried out in fright … Europe, stretching out its hands to them, called its friends for help, but to no avail: the golden-horned bull rushed like the wind. Rushing into the sea, he swam like a dolphin through its azure waters.
The girl trembled with fear. Now the shore has disappeared into the blue distance – only the azure sea and the blue sky were visible around … Soon, the outlines of a huge island appeared in the distance. It was Crete.
Zeus the bull with his precious burden went ashore … So, Europe, becoming the wife of Zeus, has since begun to live in Crete, having given birth to three powerful and wise sons: Minos, Radamanf and Sarpedon, who have become famous throughout the world.
Then she married the childless Cretan king Asterius, who adopted and raised her children from Zeus.
When parting, Zeus gave his beloved the magic dog Lailap, from which no beast could escape, and to King Asterius the mighty bronze giant Talos, who was to guard Crete, bypassing the island three times a day.
In addition, as a sign of his great love for Europe, he placed the heavenly bull in the sky – the constellation Taurus.
Painting on cotton canvas with a palette knife and brush.
The painting is coated with a protective varnish, and the sides are painted.
It can be immediately hung on the wall.
But you can also design it in the style of your interior.
Worldwide shipping with express mail.
Very safe packaging with dense foam and thick cardboard

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