Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100


Width : 100 cm
Height : 2 cm





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This painting represents a scene showing a group of rats in a small space where a work of art partially wrapped in a bullpack is arranged on the left. One of the rats has taken a seat on the packing cord to better view the painting. His fellow rats are busy with other things. One of them is holding a one-euro coin between his paws, while another is sniffing a two-euro coin. On a shelf in the upper part, we see a laptop computer open, which presents on the screen a spreadsheet with indications concerning this work entitled THE COURT OF RATS. Under the shelf, a working server connected to the universal network suggests that operations are automated. The partially unveiled work presents the work described here and puts in abyme this singular scene, where one notices labels indicating EXPERT and COACH, as well as an ordinary sanitary mask. All of these elements, as well as the composition of this painting, highlight a perspective related to the current symbolism of the network and the art market. The bonhomie of these small rodents, contrasting with their reputation as pests, brings an intriguing dimension to this offbeat mise en scène.
The pictorial technique of this work, entirely imagined and composed by the artist, is taken up in acrylic from his original sketch.

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