The Eclectic


Size: 51″x33,5″x1″/ Year: 2022/ Style: Eclecticism Original art: artistic texture paste, Amsterdam™ acrylic paints on Unico™ canvas.

Width : 85 cm
Height : 130 cm




This is my personal vision of life, which could be
the life that everyone has the right to,
the life that Russian aggression deprived me of…
This is my virtual life, because real life now is waiting for Victory.
All the works are made in the format of photos, in which people record some special moments in order to post those photos on social networks.
Lisa’s face is present in all the pictures, because Lisa is the perfect Avatar. She has survived more than one war and will continue to do so just as beautiful and desirable…
The artwork is done in mixed media. Dutch acrylic paints Amsterdam and Italian fine-grained cotton canvas tm Unico were used in the work. Finish – satin varnish. The ends are painted in the background color. Additional registration is not required. I called this series “Blackout”. This artwork is signed in front and with back and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. If you have any questions, please write to me. Thanks for attention to my art.

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