Oil on linen canvas 50 x 50

Width : 50 cm
Height : 50 cm




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Imagine entering a hall like a greenhouse, where one can observe a green and grandiose garden through the glass walls. Two massive planters are placed on either side, like protective guardians of this divine place. The plants are varied and flourishing, each telling its own story of growth and life. The eye wanders slowly, captivated by so much beauty and serenity. Then the gaze rises to admire the stone building that borders the courtyard, an ancient place filled with history and mystery. The wrought iron balcony overlooks the courtyard and invites visitors to take a moment to appreciate the majestic view. Everything here breathes nature and poetry, each detail being the result of meticulous and passionate work. In this enchanted garden, time seems to stand still and life takes on a new dimension, more pure and harmonious.

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