The Rustle of Intuition

“The Rustle of Intuition” by Natalia Kutova, 2019, acrylic, canvas, 16 x 20 in. (41 x 51 cm.)


Width : 51 cm
Height : 41 cm




This picture is about the rustle of intuition that is the voice of the soul. Usually, this voice is hardly heard. It is literally drowned out by the mind that is constantly busy generating thoughts. And only when this “thought-stirrer” gives weakness, the rustle of intuition erupts towards consciousness. And then you can hear an inner voice without words – the voice of the soul which can find answers to many questions, if you listen to it.

Painting “The Rustle of Intuition”, 2019, acrylic, canvas, 16 x 20 in. (41 x 51 cm.) Signed on the back. Vanished.

The painting “The Rustle of Intuition” was selected for the exhibition IMMIX-2021, Exhibizone, 2021 September 4 – October 4.

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