Acrylic on canvas 80 x 80

Width : 80 cm
Height : 80 cm




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In this joyous work entitled “Le Temps des Plongeuses”, the artist depicts a vibrant scene, imbued with an atmosphere of feminine energy and friendship. The eye is immediately drawn to the slender woman standing atop the diving board, watching the distant landscape with palpable intensity. Her silhouette is silhouetted against the clear blue sky in which the soft summer clouds float. The round clock fixed to the sloping pillar of the diving board shows us that these divers train in the afternoon.

In the center of the picture, we see a sportswoman with her back to us, sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water. She is putting her hair up. To her right, half-submerged, her elbows resting on the edge of the pool, another sportswoman smiles with joy, a feeling accentuated by the splashes on the surface of the water just pierced by another diver, whose spindly legs and tiny feet are in perfect alignment, underlining the absolute grace of her dive. On the left, two young women stand. The one in front is still wearing her sandals and seems a little distracted, while the one in profile looks very focused on her upcoming performance.

In the distance, a woman emerges from the blue-and-white-striped cabins that are the traditional symbol of bathing places. She prepares to climb the steps leading to the diving board, inviting us to reflect on the idea of personal progression and surpassing oneself. On the overhanging promenade, a couple gaze in admiration at the spectacle offered by these daring divers.

This work offers a dynamic vision of these young women, whose self-confidence and joie de vivre are expressed here in the unique setting of a diving board. Through this representation, the artist pays tribute to the strength and beauty of women who free themselves from convention and throw themselves wholeheartedly into the deep waters of their own existence.

This original and unique work, entirely imagined and composed by the artist, has been reworked in acrylic from original sketch.

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