Oil on canvas; 2020 year. Delivery from Austria (Graz)


Width : 95 cm
Height : 95 cm




This painting is part of a triptych about the pandemic in Italy.

I was inspired to create this painting by pictures of Venice during the general self-isolation. I was just watching the news and I was so impressed by these images that I created a series of paintings about desolate Italy.

I used my own palette knife painting technique that creates vibrations in the strokes to create the impression of fish moving under water without looking too naturalistic.

While working on this painting, fantasies came to my mind about what would happen to the masterpiece city if people disappeared forever. At that moment, the news reported that the water in Venice’s canals had cleared. What if it had always been that way, and instead of the bustling human traffic, there would have been plenty of fish, birds, and animals. As a result, the city, once built by the greatest architects on the globe, would become part of nature, succumbing to erosion under the influence of natural forces.

These fantasies took me far into thoughts of a post-apocalyptic world.
Blue is the dominant color in this series as a symbol of dreams and fantasies. I imagined this motif as a blurred mythical vision that will almost certainly never come true. For me, it is a kind of an absolute, into which I like to immerse my thoughts and focus on my fantasy as a meditation.

This painting has been shown in various exhibitions in Moscow, as well as in the author’s project “inside and outside” at Suahtsnuk Kunsthau Graz, Austria. The artwork is currently in Austria.

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