Acrylic on canvas 70 x 70

Width : 70 cm
Height : 70 cm




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In this strange and captivating painting, a young woman sits in the center of her studio, whose glass roof reveals exotic vegetation. The artist is surrounded by her canvases, but her mind is elsewhere, as evidenced by the pensive expression on her bent-over face. Her swimming goggles show that she’s ready to dive into the ocean of her creativity. Opposite her, an Adélie penguin looks on.

Traces of water on the parquet floor bear witness to its passage, like so many reminiscences that would have nourished the young artist’s inspiration. We can imagine that the animal is a projection of her thoughts or unconscious, of her certainties but also of her doubts and fears. Her face expresses this ambivalence. On the side of the stool, a buoy and a striped beach towel evoke the sweetness of life and the pleasures of summer, in total contradiction with the bird from the cold.

This work speaks to us of art and imagination, of their magic and power, but also of the darker side of our inner nature. It invites us to plunge into our own mental universe, in search of the source of our creativity and inspiration, to give shape to what remains hidden to us on a conscious level.

This original and unique work, entirely imagined and composed by the artist, has been reworked in acrylic from his original sketch.

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