world of temptation

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Width : 4 cm
Height : 55 cm



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” World of temptation” shows my artistic vision of how the good and the wicked, the light and the dark have eternally coexisted and will continue to do so.

The temptation, exists and will always exist, but it is an art to know what choices to make. That’s the key, to know how to avoid obscure desires even if they promise you shortcuts. It’s wise to always choose the lighted path, the love path, even if it’s longer. It will eventualy lead you to enlightened love, to succes. My painting features the human condition. It encompasses all of our life struggles, love challenges, deep feelings, stong emotions, resilience, decisions. World of Temptation is a surrealist painting with many secret messages which aims to challenge audiences and to reveal something about the artist.)

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