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David Ahern
United Kingdom

There is only one way for me to be an artist, and it isn't about selling a good painting, its not about what you can create, for me its about being able to pour my emotions into my work for everyone to see, love and be uplifted by. I am a UK based finger painter and love to work in thick buttery, colourful oil paint. I trained in many creative forms after gaining a BA Hons in Multimedia, and have been self taught ever since due to a need to seek new ways and forms to create. I have come to settled on oil painting after spending time in digital design, and a number of years creating wood carvings which have sold all over the world from the US, Canada, South America, UK, Europe, South Africa, Austrailia to Hong Kong and Japan to name a few. I now focus on paintings influenced by memories which were forged in my mind with the emotions of the moment, and it is these attached emotions which flood the memories and images with colour, movement, life and glow. The style of finger painting has come to suit me best, weather it aids me to become more involved in the work, allows me to better feel the work from my finger tips or it allows me to leave my actual finger prints on the canvas, I am not sure, for me I love this technique and I have learnt not to question love but embrace it. So this is what I have done, I have ditched the brush strokes for finger marks and not looked back. Apart from painting with the light, colour and movement influenced by my memories, some of my biggest influences in my work are Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Jackson Pollock, and my love of dogs, the sea and nature. If you are interesting in commissioned work please get in touch.
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