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Valentina Butnarciuc, Modern and Contemporary artist, was born in the Ukraine, on the banks of the Danube in an intelligent and creative family. She inherited her talent from her father, a multi-faceted and interesting man who became her first teacher and inspiration. Since the paternal side of her family were all basically artists and Valentina thought the family has enough artists, she chose a different path. She dabbled in design, modeled clothes, and poetry. Even so, she never ceased to draw since childhood. Valentina came back to painting after the birth of her children, who inspire her with the most vivid and joyful emotions which she imprints onto canvas. This brought Valentina to the fact that art is her life, her love, her thoughts and breath. Graduating from the University of Decorative - Applied Art and Design Faculty of drawing and fine art helped her to find her style, allowed her to work more safely and relaxed, and she experimented with color and light to combine and apply different techniques to change the shapes and abstract thinking. Valentina loves to work with clean and bright colors, like writing pasty and pale, like the expression, impressions and emotions. Valentina is a very sensitive and emotional person, so she puts all her heart and soul, feelings and love into her work. Valentina works in different techniques, painting, cold and hot batik, watercolor. Valentina Butnarciuc works are in private collections in countries such as France, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.
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