What does Juvelisto mean? It is the Esperanto word for a Jeweller. Esperanto was created to be a universal language, in the same manner that the creation of jewellery is universally admired. We all relate to our jewellery in a certain way. Some love the sparkle of their diamonds, some appreciate attractiveness of extraordinary designs, some are fascinated by the power of natural coloured gemstones, others hold jewellery dear because of its sentiment but for most of us our jewels are an expression of our personality and taste. When Sasha designs jewellery for a client, she feels as though she has the power of being a translator of people’s feelings, a magician to create someone’s vision in a piece of metal and a psychic who’s trying to unlock their personalities and free their desires. Jewellery speaks but only one language and its that of beauty. Sasha finds beauty in all of the things surrounding her and it’s her primary source of inspiration. We often don’t notice or don’t pay attention to the little details in our everyday life that deserve awe and admiration. Sasha’s moments of happiness are when she is able to spot and show this beauty to others. At Juvelisto where Sasha designs and creates all her jewellery, she also displays a number of different collections of her work from fine gold and gemstones to contemporary silver and bronze pieces. Sasha also has an organic line of nature based pieces also created in silver and bronze. All of her collections are constantly changing and growing because most of her pieces are one of a kind with the new designs being added all the time
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