Art by Sara Bardin
United States

In 2009, Sara Bardin started creating art to relieve herself from the daily stresses of life. She would use her family members as models and paint 24” x 24” portraits. A few years later she was visiting the national US Botanic Garden and became inspired to paint flowers. She found that a flowers beauty, color, and texture evoke deep emotions. The color and artistry of her botanicals renderings conveys this emotion and when people see her work, she hopes that it will elicit feelings and/or memories. A new painting begins when Ms. Bardin finds subject matter that inspires her. She becomes like a child on Christmas morning, impatient to render the image on canvas. She creates with acrylics paints, because she is sensitive to chemicals. She loves the brilliant color that is achievable and strives to make her subject matter pop from the canvas visually. With the advances made in the development of acrylics it facilitates the blending and drying times making it easier to blend and create believable textures. Ms. Bardin has recently begun a new series of bearded iris paintings. She has found that the velvety texture of the falls, the papery lightness of the standards, and the colorful splash of the beard combine to make a deeply inspiring portrait of this gorgeous flower. Ms. Bardin has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the University of Dayton and has been recently studying painting at The Compass Atelier. She has exhibited at the Maryland Federation of Art “Strokes of Genius” Juried Exhibition, Montgomery Arts Association Paint the Town Kensington Labor Day Show Juried Exhibition, Annual Labor Day Art Show at Glen Echo Park, Hill Center Galleries Juried Exhibition, Raw Artists: DC Axis, Well Being Massage (Business) and the Washington ArtWorks “A Burst of Color” Juried Exhibition.
Selected Work
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