Promnesia by Milly Martionou – Mykonos July 2016


Milly Martionou

1-7 July Spyral Art Gallery Μykonos
8-14 July 2016 Mykonos Blu Hotel Psarou Μykonos

This summer Milly Martionou the international Greek visual artist of «phantasy and colours» presents to the audience two new series of paintings entitled ”Elements” and ”Promnesia”. At first, the paintings will be exhibited from 1-7 July 2016 in the Spyral Art Gallery in the island of Mykonos and subsequently in the Mykonos Blu Hotel in Psarou beach from 8-14 July 2016. (cocktail opening 8/7).

The Art-Historian/Curator Nikolena Kalaitzaki commented on the paintings entitled ”Elements” and ”Promnesia” as following: «Elements; Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. The four elements of Mother Nature immersed into their atmospheric colorfulness, they are impressed while they are born, they identify themselves into their own special world and they float away into the bursting urge and battle of their freedom; Towards the Light. It is the game of this particular and abstract expressionism which brings to life the source of phantasy; it breaks the rules, revitalizes as a universe and climbs upon transcendence.»

«Promnesia or otherwise Προμνησία (deja vu). A scientific term which translates the moment into an experience of the memory, the sensation that in present we are currently experiencing what we have already experienced before, because it reminds us of something in which we were once exposed to. And at this moment, it seems as if we face it again into its enchantment, in a condition which literally resembles to an out of place dream world. Inspired by the allure of this special experience which shares elements from the paradox and the metaphysical, the visual artist Milly Martionou constructs ab initio landmarks of Promnesia. The white surface of her enormous canvas is overwhelmed by the timeless game between memory and emotion.»

Through her paintings which stand out for the vividness, the colorfulness, the motion as well as the energy pulse and passion, Milly Martionou, has the ability to create artworks which share the power to engross the viewers by taking them to an eerie, metaphysical world. In that world, there it nestles the joy of life alongside with optimism, the pureness of dreaming and the promise that Art itself, this magical phantasy, is able to provide us with a different perspective of the world.

The artist has participated in many exhibitions all over the world: Le Grand Exprosition Universalle-Eiffel Tower (2014), Barcelona International Art Fair (2014), RomArt (2015), Art Monaco (2014) and has presented her work in various galleries such as: the Salon National des Beaux Arts-Louvre, Nina Torres Fine Art-Maiami, Galleria 360-Florence, and the Blender Gallery in Athens. Her artwork has also been hosted in important art spaces in Florence, Ibiza and Vienna, while in their honor have written tributes in leading international publications and art sites such as Arts, Artists, Artwork (Canada) the Mildred Magazine (Australia) and the Art People Gallery (USA) .

Milly Martionou is an artist living and working in Athens. She received her degree in ”Fine Arts”, Hertfordshire University of London (1997-2000) and a degree in ”Graphic Design”, Plakas Art Center (1993-1995).
Facebook Page: artmillymartionou
Facebook Event: Promnesia

o Spyral Art Gallery Mykonos,
D.Maurogenni 24, Mykonos, tel.2289 029033,

Psarou, GR-84600, Mykonos, tel.+30 22890 27900,





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