by Lee Down

We captured 1,000’s of Artworks to Remember on our Facebook page. After an amazing weekend of artists sharing their artwork with us, I was contemplating how to keep this wonderful content from disappearing from view as new posts get published to the Facebook page Arts, Artists, Artwork. Not only can I keep it from disappearing, but I’m also thinking this is a great opportunity to keep it growing.

If you’re a lover of art, you’ll want to visit the post to view the comments where close to 1,000 artists shared their artwork. If you’re an artist, you can go ahead and visit the post to add your artwork to the growing list. And what I’ll do is occasionally share this blog post to the Facebook page to keep reminding people of the treasure trove contained within.

Art lovers are invited to browse the post on Facebook to connect with artists from all over the globe. Some have listed their social media links or even website links. But you are also invited to browse our website for Art Store to find many listings by our community of artists.

Arts, Artists, Artwork is a platform for artists run by artists. You can create an account to display a modest portfolio or you can upgrade to be a vendor listing up to 200 artworks for sale. You create your own working online artwork shop that you can then share with your fans on social media. Our commission rate is amongst the lowest ever for an online gallery like ours. You can learn more about How the Site Works. To join, click Artist Signup at the top of the web page.

If you’ve got questions, click Contact Us from the menu at the top of the page or at the bottom of the page. Your message will come to our email and we’ll respond as soon as we’re able.

5 Replies to “Remember 1,000’s of Great Artworks”

  1. I am interested in selling an original oil painting. I am not the artist, I am the model and I have no family to pass down to. Painted by famous German artist, Hugo Ohlms, who was commissioned to paint numerous Cathedrals in Italy , as well as the mural in St Augustine Basilica Cathedral and the local Histiorical Courthouse.
    I’d like to sell. Can I post on these art sites and if so, how? Thank u very much.

    1. Hi Heather, sites like this are set up for artists selling their work. Not so much for non-artists to sell their art collections. You might want to check out platforms like Ebay. For Europe I have no idea what is similar in nature that could allow you to sell. Facebook Marketplace has proven very effective for a good many people. I just watched a friend sell a household full of antiques, collectibles and art using Facebook Marketplace very successfully. These are the best options that come to mind right now. Maybe others might have other ideas. Best wishes, Lee

    2. Hugo was my grandmother’s brother. I am interested in seeing your painting and possible purchase. can call 386.671.7725

  2. I am an artist and I sign up to join but I can find anywhere to upload my art. Can you help?

    1. Hi Veronica, you’re currently registered as a visitor. You can sign up as an artist by clicking Artist Signup in the black banner at the top or through the link to Primary Membership in your dashboard. Best wishes

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