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Arts Artists Artwork Founder, Lee Down, was interviewed for the Social Origin Podcast and the podcast has now been published. The interview can be listened to via Spotify or iTunes. Below, you can listen right here from our website with the Spotify podcast.

In the interview, Down talks about his journey in the tech industry, his art influence as a child, as an adult, and how Arts Artists Artwork came to fruition. On this journey, he also talks about how he dealt with mental health challenges and adapting to changing circumstances personally and professionally.

I hope you enjoy the podcast interview and we welcome your comments which you can add below.

When listening, did you identify with any of the experiences shared?

What are your thoughts about mental health in relation to the arts community?

How valid is the perception that there is a higher occurrence of mental health struggles in the arts world? Personally, I don’t think it’s better or worse than any other industry.

How do you feel about an artists collective selling platform like Arts Artists Artwork taking on the big corporate competitors and their investors?

Would you like to be a part of this initiative and join our collective and open your own shop on Arts Artists Artwork? Learn more here.

Are there any other discussion points that we can add to this post?

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3 responses to “Social Origin Interviews Arts Artists Artwork Founder”

  1. Julia Marie Avatar
    Julia Marie

    Oh my Friend, your open dialogue about your journey is brave and beautiful. I’m just smiling listening to you talk and remembering our conversations and and sporadic connections. Good for you! It is encouraging to see your make your way and have real honest success being flexible in the labyrinth of social media, art, and mental wellness. I love that you share yourself this way.

  2. Nishani Weerasinghe Avatar
    Nishani Weerasinghe

    I am a Sri Lankan Artist. Please give an opportunity for Sri Lankans too. Thank you!

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