Space Goose Artist Manifests Spaceships Out of Anything


Eric Geusz, Space Goose, is a man with two beautiful, enviable qualities. He is forever a boy at heart. He also has the wisdom of an old man. Possessing both of these qualities leaves him as a blessing for many people. 

During the day, Eric Geusz is a 3D software engineer for Apple in San Francisco, CA. At night, Eric creates his fine art–his space ships that are every kids dream, and if we’re lucky, they’re still the things our dreams are made of as adults. Eric Geusz’s rockets are the everyday things like the forks that zoom through the cosmos of the dining room. Always coming to their dramatic end with a loud crash into the much-hated mound of cauliflower. Destroying every ounce of it. Every time. It is here where Eric Geusz transforms the mundane into the magical, that he takes on his Space Goose persona…and becomes a superhero. Rescuing us all from the cauliflower in the dining room. 

Space Goose – Fidget Spinner Transformed into Space Station

The Combination of Eric Geusz and Space Goose 

Like all superheroes, the power Eric Geusz has ultimately comes from his mind. What that gift is exactly, is debatable. Most people would lend his gnarly capabilities toward his superior intellect and resulting educational and employment history thus far. To date Space Goose has a degree in computer science and a minor in film and digital media from the University of New Mexico (UNM). During this time, he was a special effects intern at PIVOT, a student lab assistant at the UNM Health Services Department and a technology manager at the social media group at the UNM School of Art and Art History. Upon graduating from college, Eric Geusz obtained employment as a software engineer with Northrop Grumman. This is a pioneering company that designs and develops some of the world’s most advanced aircraft and up and coming spacecraft. Not to mention super elite cyber security systems and all-seeing radars. 

Space Goose – Shampoo bottle becomes a Cargo Space Ship

Others would, and do, argue that Eric Geusz’s superpower is his innate ability to daydream. Space Goose would not kick that notion to the curb. Consequently, he even strongly encourages people to spend a lot more time day dreaming. 

So let’s go one more step ahead and give a name to Space Goose’s specific type of daydreaming. It is frequently referred to as Pareidolia. This means “the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous pattern”. A common example of this is many people being able to see a face in an electrical light socket. Space Goose, sees these “faces” in routine objects of our daily lives. And he acts on them…brilliantly, precisely and effectively. 

The Impact of Concept Art

My very strong tendency is to go with Eric Geusz’s talents being innate. He became enamored with art as soon as he could create art. All the way back to “glitter glue and LEGOs”. And when Space Goose  saw his first Star Wars film in 1977, he was a goner. 

Soon after, even as a child, he began to look at concept art books. Concept art is an art movement that began in the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s. Its premise is that the idea behind the art is more important than the final product.

Concept art is a huge deal in things like animation, video game, comic books, movies ~~ and yes, it’s indescribably important for a brilliantly nerdy mind like Eric Geusz’s to get on with designers for transfiguring our humdrum lives into intergalactic wonders.

Space Goose Fighter Ship from Lemon and Spoons

ILM Competition 2016

A great opportunity Spacegoose had for success via concept art was at the 2016 Industrial Lights and Magic and ArtStation’s competition where he achieved a Favorite ranking. 

In the 2016 competition, all of the artists were asked to be concept artists for a series of challenges. The challenges consisted of vehicles, characters and epic Star Wars battles. They were specifically referred to as “The Ride”, “The Moment” and “The Job”. Each challenge presented to the artists gave them the chance to complete the task showing their skill set while keeping their personalities strong in their art. 

Space Goose No Tongs About It

ILM’s goal in the competition was to find the strongest employment candidates. However, they were also looking for artists to merely mentor. The collaboration between Industrial Lights and Magic and ArtStation to ready the beast that was 2016, took almost a full year before it was announced to the public on May 4, 2016.

By the time everything was geared up for the 2016 ILM Competition, there were 3,888 artists registered who submitted 23,591 pieces from 101 countries. And Spacegoose placed in the top 200.

Other Inspirations for Spacegoose 

Aside from concept art itself, Space Goose is inspired by some of the greats. He mentions Moebius first.. the French artist and cartoonist whose personal spin of mind-blowing fantasy and surrealism guided us on the map to today’s science fiction images. Next is Ralph McQuarrie. He was American and worked on such well-known things as the Star Wars trilogy, E.T., the Battle Star Gallactica television series and the film, Cocoon, for which he won an Academy Award. British born Chris Foss is next. His most important contributions noted are his work on Guardians of the Galaxy and, oddly enough, for his black and white drawings in The Joy of Sex. And finally, Syd Mead. He was American and had great collaborative effort in such science fiction films such as Blade Runner, Aliens and Tron.

Space Goose – The Peeler Space Ship

Eric’s Geusz seems to have picked some pretty big shoes to fill with his list of idols. But he also understands that all good, true art is about how it makes a person feel. And what Spacegoose achieves with his transformative rockets leave me in awe every time.

Eric Geusz on Creativity…Space Goose’s and Everyone Else’s 

Eric Geusz will be the first person to tell you that his ideas mostly come from other places…other gadgets, movies, video games, even other space ships created much the same way his are. He is frequently told by other artists that they are honestly surprised to discover that there are others practicing the same craft.

Space Goose feels that there is a common misconception not only about artists, but among artists. That they “…think and create in a vacuum…” With masterpieces materializing out of nowhere. As an artist myself, I can say that I am continually drawing in ideas from the world around me. Space Goose defines creativity for me perfectly by saying it is “the ability to see things from a different perspective”. Even though space ships only exist in our minds, it only takes an ounce of imagination to create them. 

Space Goose, Now That’s a Hot Sauce Spaceship

Just to lend to examples in the world of Eric Geusz and his thoughts on creativity – in Star Wars, the ships are planes and battle ships from World War II all crammed together. And in Ghostbusters, the Psychokinetic Energy Meter is literally a 1970s shoe polisher. And in the reverse of this, some of today’s everyday objects like Bluetooth speakers, tablets and cellular phones were first objects on sci-fi movies and television series. And to further this point in particular, large technology companies are hiring ex sci-fi concept artists to keep their product lines up to date. 

Space Goose Has Just Got to be Ace

Space Goose – Not Just Kitchen Gadgets

Digging up information about Eric Geusz aside from his techy, awesome, literally out-of-this-world creative art, is next to impossible. Still, I got a feel for him as Space Goose. As that guy who is forever a boy at heart enough to dream the rockets. And as that guy who has the wisdom to create them. Maybe part of it is because he is so obviously very private…no age listed, no family mentioned, nothing that cannot be linked to art in a rather formal way. That has also piqued my interest to want to know more about what makes him tick as an artist to drive him to work so tirelessly. For now, I will follow what I can. Mainly the images. Follow him with me. He will bring you a spot of joy every time. 

Space Goose on Instagram, Artstation and on Twitter

All through writing this, I kept thinking about the quote by J.R.R. Tolkien, “It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.”  And now proofreading, I have no doubt someday Eric Geusz, Spacegoose, will be quoted as saying the same thing about space ships. And we will all be listening. 

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My name is Nikki Finnigan. I am a visual artist and I love the opportunity to write about wall of these amazing artists as it is another way to bring art to my life. Please follow me on-Granny Finnigan’s Art





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