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by Karina Kovalenko
Medium : Oil
Style : Surrealism
Subject : Love
Main Color : Grey
Orientation : Landscape
Dimensions : 38 X 30 ( Inch )

Price: $2,550.00


Original oil painting.
I always use high quality paint and finish my works with varnish.
I have titled the back of the canvas and signed in the lower-right corner on the front of painting.
It comes mounted and ready to hang.
Displayed at the Contemporary Art Gallery.

“Torn Love”

Love is music and the scent of flowers, but when it is rejected, everything fades and cracks the ground beneath their feet, and the wind blows from the soul melody with fallen petals.

“The cool colored scenario of “Torn Love” showcases a depiction of an almost unpleasant domestic drama. Initially the picture itself looks as if it is the dry desert floor, cracked and broken. You would mistaken the pieces of red amongst the ground as maybe flower petals blowing in the wind. But instead this piece has a deeper implication and psychological movement to it. The name “Torn Love” is to reflect an expressive manner of a broken relationship with a broken ground. And perhaps the positioned red pieces filling the ground is a torn heart. The symbolic reasoning is distinctive with the title’s name. I enjoy this painting because it is uniquely shaped by its own realistic sense of unified but cracked corners of the ground, each precisely fitting into the next as would a piece of a puzzle. This negative painting may not be precisely rhythmic but it creates its own mass and volume with the shading between each positioned crack.”


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