Photography by Lee Down - English Bay Winter
by Lee Down

This article is about Lee Down and thereby Arts, Artists and Artworks (AAA). I, Nikki Finnigan, have written a handful of these articles now and they’ve all been pretty similar to each other. This one is going to be somewhat different. There are a few reasons why. Firstly, Lee Down is the founder and custodian …
Dawn of Day, abstract oil painting by Chris Lyter

To be succinct, Chris Lyter is one of the finest abstract artists of our time. But for so many viewers, that’s just not enough information for someone to say on his or her own that Lyter is “a great artist.” I mean, how can you tell if abstract art is good? With naturalism or even …
Evie Zimmer "Bloom" Oil on Canvas 40"x30", 2014

The artist, Evie Zimmer, is masterful with therapeutic art. With anxiety and depression ever more rapidly on the rise in our modern, Western society, the treatment might be easily found at the art gallery. We do not necessarily need to leave the comfort of civilization to head to the wilderness or the beach. Art is …


Solo Exhibition: Waves of Infinity The Sowl Gallery is celebrating the launch of Milly Martionou’s new exhibition entitled Waves of Infinity. The internationally acclaimed artist is best known for her intensely colored and exuberant artworks. The exhibition will include eleven important large-scale paintings selected from the collection Dreamscapes, alongside her recent work Elements with the …


Mo Tuncay, born in Turkey, now living and working in the Netherlands, is a pencil artist who has transformed himself into a prolific abstract painter. Moving to abstract acrylic paints he found a freedom of expression difficult to ignore and has poured himself into his work. His paintings have been collected internationally, mainly Europe and …


Milly Martionou’s featured artwork, Elements 1.12, is an oil on canvas masterpiece. The stunning depth in the painting imagines that a source of heat is spilling up through the surface. Arts, Artists, Artwork is pleased to be a big fan of her work and ongoing discovery. She spends many, many hours investing a little piece …


Thelma Zambrano lives and works in Mexico. She has shown herself to be a prolific painter with stunning mixes of figurative with abstract to create more room for the imagination. Her journey with painting began at the age of 7 when she asked her parents for painting lessons. Later in life she also returned the favour …


 Arts, Artists, Artwork has followed the young artists pair Mike and Madeleine Bülow and wondered often about the magic they do with colours and photography. It’s quite an extraordinary show. How it Started Learning more about the couple we see 20 years of music production that led them to seek new creative outlets. Mike had discovered an …


COSMIC ENERGY July 21st-31st 2015 Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos-“Maria Igglesi” Hall “Cosmic Energy gives birth to you, And somewhere beyond, when it reunites with you, Listen. Look carefully and Live”… breaths you. it leaves you. Milly Martionou, one of the most interesting modern Greek painters, representative of the significant Abstract’s Expressionism art movement presents …