Dawn of Day, abstract oil painting by Chris Lyter

To be succinct, Chris Lyter is one of the finest abstract artists of our time. But for so many viewers, that’s just not enough information for someone to say on his or her own that Lyter is “a great artist.” I mean, how can you tell if abstract art is good? With naturalism or even …


Mo Tuncay, born in Turkey, now living and working in the Netherlands, is a pencil artist who has transformed himself into a prolific abstract painter. Moving to abstract acrylic paints he found a freedom of expression difficult to ignore and has poured himself into his work. His paintings have been collected internationally, mainly Europe and …


Thelma Zambrano lives and works in Mexico. She has shown herself to be a prolific painter with stunning mixes of figurative with abstract to create more room for the imagination. Her journey with painting began at the age of 7 when she asked her parents for painting lessons. Later in life she also returned the favour …