by maximgruninart

My Child Self With My Blue Shaman Cat, 9″ X 12″, acrylic on paper, 2020, by Maxim Grunin Follow along in the video below to see how I painted this and hopefully, you’ll also learn some new tricks and techniques. Doing art seemed like a really good idea for someone like me. I just wanted …
Simon Bull, plein air painting a beautiful fall landscape

People often think, “I can do that.” And they’re right. I’m just not sure how good they’ll be at first crack, but some people do quite well right out of the gate. Many artists encourage other people to pick up the ¬†brush and paint for themselves. The art fairs and art sales will happen soon …


Mo Tuncay, born in Turkey, now living and working in the Netherlands, is a pencil artist who has transformed himself into a prolific abstract painter. Moving to abstract acrylic paints he found a freedom of expression difficult to ignore and has poured himself into his work. His paintings have been collected internationally, mainly Europe and …