Benefits of Traveling to See Art
by Lee Down

Not many people have the good fortune to live out their days in the great cultural centers of the world. Relatively few people can opt to spend a summer in Europe. For many, the idea of a personal art collection is confined to framed posters and resin statuettes. All too often, the closest people get …
Crystal Light by Erin Hanson

The Erin Hanson Gallery Grand Opening Saturday, February 25 th , 2017 San Diego, CA For the past five years Erin Hanson’s Los Angeles gallery and studio has showcased her uniquely colorful and impressionistic oil paintings. Ever the adventurer, Hanson’s next chapter brings her to LA’s beautiful southern neighbor, San Diego. The Erin Hanson Gallery …
The Hidden Path conference attendees

I’ve been teaching marketing to artists since 2009. For the last year I’ve been traveling around the country giving a talk called The Hidden Path of the Artist Career. It’s a summation of what I’ve learned about the stuff that gets left out of most artist training programs – the nuts and bolts of how …