Tips for Writing an Art Proposal
by Lee Down

Have you ever wondered how artists create their masterpieces? It is possible to imagine how an experienced and respectable master teaches the younger one to draw and use different colors in their studio. Everything is calm, old-fashioned, and noble there. But how do modern creators build their craziest installations and performances? Do they count on …
Flowering Desert by Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson’s Newest Collection of Paintings to be Unveiled in San Diego Erin Hanson: The Super Bloom Show San Diego, CA: In the spring of 2017 much of California erupted in a flurry of colorful wildflowers that had been hiding out during our long drought. Borrego Springs drew the most attention as crowds of nature …
Crystal Light by Erin Hanson

The Erin Hanson Gallery Grand Opening Saturday, February 25 th , 2017 San Diego, CA For the past five years Erin Hanson’s Los Angeles gallery and studio has showcased her uniquely colorful and impressionistic oil paintings. Ever the adventurer, Hanson’s next chapter brings her to LA’s beautiful southern neighbor, San Diego. The Erin Hanson Gallery …


COSMIC ENERGY July 21st-31st 2015 Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos-“Maria Igglesi” Hall “Cosmic Energy gives birth to you, And somewhere beyond, when it reunites with you, Listen. Look carefully and Live”… breaths you. it leaves you. Milly Martionou, one of the most interesting modern Greek painters, representative of the significant Abstract’s Expressionism art movement presents …