Romance is Dancing by Alain Laugier

Romance in Colour by Alain LéLé A resident of Nice, France, artist Alain LéLé’s typical topics for his paintings are, not surprisingly, romantic. While he does delve into the area of painting portraits with decidedly less success, his emphasis is the romantic scene. On the whole, his artistic fascination is on a scene in a …
Sky Embers, 76x106, Oil on canvas by Anita Nowinska

Artist, Anita Nowinska, shares her story with us at Arts, Artists, Artwork. She lives and works in Totnes, Devon, UK where she has a studio and gallery and welcomes visitors to view and purchase her paintings. How did you get started with art? To be honest, the first time I picked up something which could make …
What is Art for?

What is art for? This often unasked question is asked giving us 5 reasons it helps us in this 5 minute video created by The School of Life with Mad Adam Films. The aesthetic and comforting factors of how art affects us is wonderfully explained. Art has a place in our lives and reminds us …


Ava by Sara Bardin Sara Bardin is an artist based out of Washington DC who has a very challenging career. It was the stress from the job that encouraged her to begin painting. Raising two daughters and working full-time only offers her little time for painting so she dedicates 8 hours Saturday and 4 hours Sunday …


Stephen Colbert hilariously demonstrates censorship issues faced by network television in the United States. Facebook faced the fury of the art community when censoring – removal – nudity in artwork images shared on their popular social media platform. Now artists can share their artwork without fear of censorship on social media. Television in the US, …


Being a juror of an art exhibit is always humbling, a learning experience, an avenue to give encouragement, and without doubt, an honor. The first thing that a mindful juror will do – whether he or she is jurying artists as members into an organization, jurying artwork into an exhibit, or jurying for awards – …


She is, without a doubt, my favourite abstract expressionist artist today. I have heard others say they all look the same — her artwork. Yet, if that were true, would I have the same intense emotions I feel when I do look at this present body of work? Like Jackson Pollock, the energy and emotion …