by Lee Down

Eric Geusz, Space Goose, is a man with two beautiful, enviable qualities. He is forever a boy at heart. He also has the wisdom of an old man. Possessing both of these qualities leaves him as a blessing for many people.  During the day, Eric Geusz is a 3D software engineer for Apple in San …

by Lee Down

If you’re an art lover who’s always on the hunt for new, talented artists to add to your collection, this blog post is for you. Here, we’ll introduce you to some emerging and notable artists who are definitely worth your time (and money). Looking for something different in your art collection? Why not try one …
7 Tips About The Content of Art You Can't Afford To Miss
by Lee Down

Content notion stands for the manifest an artist sends with it to people. The expression comes in anything dealing with the intention, subject, and the particular technique that the author chose. The content of art is the overall meaning and essence of the masterpiece, while the subject of art indicates the main focus. To know …
Breaker, Glass Sculpture 20 inches high by William LeQuier
by Lee Down

William LeQuier found the two loves of his life while attending Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU). The first was the fine art of glass, and the second (although not regarded in this order, I’m sure), his wife, Mary Angus. The glass portion came when he participated in a small studio glass blowing class in 1973. …
Road Block by Mark Dorman Art
by Lee Down

According to Google, “Rock art refers to symbols or marks with no obvious purpose that have been painted (pictographs) or engraved or scratched (petroglyphs) onto natural rock surfaces.” Digging deeper into Google, I stumble upon ‘Rock and Roll Art‘. No matter my amount of poking around, the powers that be don’t give a definition for …
Untitled 48 x 48 inch acrylic on hardboard by Pete Greening for vinyl LP Drone Mind
by Lee Down

Pete Greening is a self-taught, UK based, Geometric Abstract/Op Art artist who is a wizard of his craft. Pete’s style of art could make one think of his art and him as “cookie cutter” in description–rather literary for his art–they are anything but. Geometric Abstract/Op Art Influences Pete Greening began painting in the Op Art …
Sgt Pepper Album Cover Art
by mfaris

by Michael Faris What makes a good album cover? It’s a weird format, being square, which can be circumvented by a clever artist (by using background tricks to “reformat” it into a rectangle). It should somehow be visually related to the band and the music. It should somehow reflect the zeitgeist of the times or …
The Erin Hanson Gallery, San Diego, CA

Enjoy this visual treat where you can walk around and enjoy a virtual tour of The Erin Hanson Gallery in San Diego. Navigate with your mouse. Zoom in and zoom out to see pieces with more clarity.
'Another One' by Philly Alex Art, created with modeling paste and acrylic paint
by Lee Down

Alex Johnmeyer I always knew I wanted to be an artist. However, finding my own style? Well, that took a little while longer. If one is to be considered a “professional” artist, most gallery owners and customers like to see a cohesive vision, a unifying note that ties all the work together. I have never …
Eternity by Kavitha Saminathan

The one thing that modern art gives us, such as that by Kavitha Saminathan,  is canvasses of pure delight. No longer is it necessary for viewers of art to be well informed of the story behind a painting or the absolute context of a visual work. Because of the way art has grown since the …