Visionary Leaders Push Art World Boundaries
by Lee Down

The art world is full of influential people who have made a significant impact on the industry. These leaders come from all walks of life, but they all share a passion for art and a dedication to their craft. Some of the most well-known art world leaders include artists, gallery owners, museum directors, art collectors, …
The Value of Art Making-How Shame and Stigma Hold Back Creatives
by Lee Down

Artists have always been subject to stigmas and social pressure. In Ancient Greece, Herodotus dismissed master craftsmen and artists as “mechanics.” In the Middle Ages, art was rife with censorship and confined to religious settings for monasteries, manuscripts, and mosaics. In the Romantic period, artists and poets like William Blake were simply considered mad. However, …
Failed Reception, a sad story of a love gone wrong, 16 x 12 inch oil on canvas board by Julia Strittmatter
by Lee Down

We, artists, have many funny stories from our practice and sometimes we create unintentionally humorous paintings that we don’t always share with public. Today I would like to share one of mine (Julia Strittmatter) and maybe make somebody smile. It happened when I was taking still life painting class at art school. I had an …
Wandering in Search of Dreams, 100 x 100 cm oil painting by Tadeusz Machowski

What’s the best advice you ever heard (art related)? I thought this would leave it open enough to get collectors and buyers also leaving a comment. The majority, however, came from artists who all shared a little something from their own history. Some of it more recent, as seen by those who fall onto discouraging …
Dawn Of Day, 30 x 40 inch oil on canvas by Christopher Lyter

Today’s painting and art digest features a fantastic visual effect gif of Iron Man super timelapse by artist Thijme Termaat great article explains Anna Roberts Surreal Art Lifesavers by Alex Johnmeyer and a fantastic abstract by Christopher Lyter Iron Man Super timelapse by artist Thijme Termaat Great article explains Anna Roberts Surreal Art Lifesavers by …
COLORHEAD by Moontain

We had a chance to corner Moontain, or Fred as he’s known to us, and ask him about his unusual style of art. His creative life is his whole being and time here on earth and he longs to connect with others over art, creativity, and surprise. Moontain lives and works in France. How did …
Your Forest(s) in the City Collection by Milly Martionou

Art World News with Christie’s article titled Antenna: 7 Hot Trends for 2016. It leads with “The decline of the art fair, growing interest in women artists and the emergence of treasures from the sea — Meredith Etherington-Smith looks into her crystal ball for the year ahead.” Arts, Artists, Artwork was saddened by the possibility that one trend would …


Stephen Colbert hilariously demonstrates censorship issues faced by network television in the United States. Facebook faced the fury of the art community when censoring – removal – nudity in artwork images shared on their popular social media platform. Now artists can share their artwork without fear of censorship on social media. Television in the US, …