Photography by Lee Down - English Bay Winter
by Lee Down

This article is about Lee Down and thereby Arts, Artists and Artworks (AAA). I, Nikki Finnigan, have written a handful of these articles now and they’ve all been pretty similar to each other. This one is going to be somewhat different. There are a few reasons why. Firstly, Lee Down is the founder and custodian …

by Lee Down

Arts Artists Artwork Founder, Lee Down, was interviewed for the Social Origin Podcast and the podcast has now been published. The interview can be listened to via Spotify or iTunes. Below, you can listen right here from our website with the Spotify podcast. In the interview, Down talks about his journey in the tech industry, …


What a great question! What traits do you feel are important for an artist? We posed this question to the audience at Arts, Artists, Artwork fan page on Facebook and received a tremendous response. A lot of commonalities as people shared like minded views. A wide variety of responses, too.  Some really exceptional thoughts were …