Dane Deaner - Office Art Investment
by Lee Down

Buying art—collecting art—is not what it was during the Renaissance or even during the Impressionist era. Collecting art has evolved into a mainstream, practical investment. The development of art over the past centuries has been truly astonishing. The range and variety of art forms now available is breathtaking, and collecting and investing in art has …


It’s easy enough to find the general reasons people buy art. There are videos all over YouTube that try to spell out the various reasons people invest time, money, wall space and other things in the buying of pictorial art. One brave young soul narrowed it down to two reasons that people buy art: The …
Dasmang. Changes . 30 X 36 Acrylic on canvas

When looking to buy original art, rather than something less than extraordinary that you might find at Home Depot or even Walmart, or any department store, you are engaging in a good thing. It is a practice not unlike buying from a small business rather than a large franchise, or like buying local rather than national. But, like …