Steven Christian Reed is an exceptionally talented artist, British born, living and working in the South of France. He has studied extensively and is always experimenting with mood, light, abstraction, as he produces beautiful paintings inspired more often by his surroundings. Every year, he also hosts retreats where his family runs a beautiful estate in …
The Pretentious Show - Alexander Devenport

Featuring: Alexander Devenport, The Pretentious Show A very entertaining and informative presentation helping us examine the notion that Modern Art is Bullshit!! Enjoy the show The age old question, ‘is modern art ‘bullshit’ There have been many accusations and arguments against contemporary art, in this video I have attempted to tackle all of them, or …


Lissa Bockrath is a contemporary artist whose luminous, expressive paintings are inspired by our changing environment. As each body of work progresses she keeps an open mind to not become constrained by any definitive image. An idea or concept may initiate the art though it does not define the resulting body of work. Here are some selections of her …