Promnesia close-up by Milly Martionou

Milly Martionou exhibition”Promnesia” 1-7 July Spyral Art Gallery Μykonos & 8-14 July 2016 Mykonos Blu Hotel Psarou Μykonos This summer Milly Martionou the international Greek visual artist of «phantasy and colours» presents to the audience two new series of paintings entitled ”Elements” and ”Promnesia”. At first, the paintings will be exhibited from 1-7 July 2016 …


COSMIC ENERGY July 21st-31st 2015 Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos-“Maria Igglesi” Hall “Cosmic Energy gives birth to you, And somewhere beyond, when it reunites with you, Listen. Look carefully and Live”… breaths you. it leaves you. Milly Martionou, one of the most interesting modern Greek painters, representative of the significant Abstract’s Expressionism art movement presents …