by mgteevanphotography

ArtsArtistsArtwork ~ I wanted to write you a brief note to say thank you. Since becoming a paid member just barely 3 months ago I had such an increase in visits and followers to my page – and that is tremendously due to your help in getting my work out to more viewers! That additional exposure has resulted in a commission of 12 pieces as well as inquiries for several more both here in the US and abroad. That is easily traced back to you and all your support and hard work. And all for the cost of $10 USD a month. $10? Really? One could easily spend that on a trip to their favorite coffee joint for a cup-a-joe and a scone!! That very small contribution is such a minimal way to say thank you!!

But much more important than the extra traffic and the potential of sales and the always loved “likes” and commentary for something I have worked and put my heart into is the reminder to myself of why I do what what I do and why I love it so much. The two most recent examples of this came quite recently.

One was a note sent to me by the aunt of a non-verbal autistic child living in Barcelona. She has been sharing my work with him since she started following my page (I asked, it was through your FB page she first saw me). One afternoon while going through a couple of my most recent posts she tells me her nephew turns to her and says “these make me feel”. The other came about this past weekend via the communication and inquiry of a new piece I had put up.

The initial inquiry had asked if I might have a similar piece with the same movement but in very specific colors ~ she would be happy to explain the specificity of the request. I took her up on it. Why so specific? So we engaged in conversation. Seems this young woman from Costa Rico has a very rare disorder called “synesthesia” – for lack of better explanation the mapping of senses in her brain are far from different than the “normal” person’s. She sees numbers as colors – music has perceivable textures, words create tastes ……. and; as she told me, she could feel my art. What a wonderful thing to have someone tell you! It gave me goosebumps!

All this being said – these 2 conversations reminded me why I love what I do. Sure, the sales are wonderful, the likes and commentary always welcomed. But it knowing that my art has the ability to actually touch someone. That is what does, and what will keep me going. So thank you – for all your hard work and your all your help! Have a wonderful day!! Sincerely, Michael G Teevan

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