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Arts, Artists, Artwork really helped me open doors.

Since I have been posting my art on the Arts, Artists, Artwork facebook page I have received engagement with my work from all around the world. It has been an incredibly exciting experience. I have since joined the Arts, Artists, Artwork online community and I am excited about the future.

Hannah Getley

Abstract Paintings

Love to see my Artworks hanging around the world , getting pictures of my artworks hanging on the wall from Canada to Japan , gives me power to create more works. Keep in touch Mo Tuncay “I will keep coloring your dreams” (Mo)

Mo Tuncay


I wanted to take a second to just thank Arts, Artists, Artwork for being such an amazing venue to help support the arts. AAA has helped me reach thousands of people all over the world some of which have resulted in sales. My shares typically reach between 1000-3000 people. When AAA shares my work I have reached up to 70,000. Currently I am selling more art on my Facebook Art Page than I am in the galleries that represent me. Which also means I get 100% of the sale!!! Thank you AAA you help me live out my dream of supporting myself off of my work!!!

Lissa Bockrath

I’ve learned about AAA from

I’ve learned about AAA from a friend, who referred me to the popular Facebook art page. I started posting my art there, and I will not forget the day my artwork was first shared – I woke up to hundreds new “likes” on my Facebook page and emails requesting prices, probably the best motivation I’ve ever gotten as a beginner artist. Since then, I make sure to constantly be a part of this community. It inspires me to see artworks from other artists all around the world, and whenever my artwork is shared I get invaluable exposure which I find to be of a much better value than advertising on Facebook.

Hodaya Louis

AAA Has Played a Vital Role in My Growth as an Artist!

As a professional artist, AAA has quickly become my most valued resource. Not only does AAA offer a supportive community of artists and art collectors, it serves as a place where you can grow your reach and customer base by being more visible online! My traffic on all other sites has increased exponentially as a direct result of AAA’s promotion and support over the past couple of years. I am an internationally collected, gallery represented artist that enjoys continued support from AAA and I just can’t imagine where I’d be without this wonderful community. Thanks, AAA!!

Rachel Bingaman

AAA was the first to

AAA was the first to post my work on Facebook a few years ago. It was an amazing experience ! So many people joined my Facebook page in just a few hours. Lee, the owner of AAA is a very supportive and kind person. He always tries to help young, amateur and professional artists with his page. After all this time he is now a friend and I always enjoy seeing my work posted on AAA.

Milly Martionou

So many websites claim to

So many websites claim to be a place to share your work, but do nothing more than ask you to fill a profile … This is not the case here, because you will find a real Human relationship behind it, thanks to Lee ( owner of AAA ) and a REAL support, days in & days out. I can’t count the many times he offered his help so my art could reach more people ! This is the one community i feel good with and i encourage you to try *


I owe much of my Facebook to AAA…

Arts Artists Artwork (AAA) was the first arts and humanities Facebook page to find and share my work. With every share I have gained many fans. In addition, it is an honor to have my work shared with the quality of work that is displayed every day on AAA. I like to think of AAA as my personal art gallery. My congratulations and thanks go to Lee Down, whose tireless efforts go into making this site so successful. There are a plethora of artist who have had international exposure due to AAA.

Sara Bardin

I have known Lee Down

I have known Lee Down for many years and I can say today that I am a proud and supportive member of AAA. Throughout these years, and since I have been painting , Lee has never ceased to support and encourage the Art community and my Art work. I will always be grateful for this. I can definitely say that Lee is an art lover ,spreading passion and love for Art. He’s also a wonderful human being. I only hope to someday meet him in real life… Stephanie

Stephanie Noblet


Little Feet, 26 x 22 cm acrylic on board by Steven Christian Reed

“AAA is heavily connected to social networking, an effective means of promoting your brand, building contacts and importantly selling your work. As a professional artist I value the relationship, exposure and guidance AAA has given me over the past two years”. Steven Christian Reed

Steven Christian Reed

AAA is important to the art world

Thank you Lee for providing a great place for artists and art lovers to come together and share their passion for art. After sharing my work on your site my fanbase has grown. In fact, I have fans around the world and I want to personally thank you because I know you have helped to make my dreams a reality. Long live the suffering artists! All the best to you my friend. M. Indorato

Michael Indorato

AAA is awesome!

Jennifer Beaudet Art

Arts, Artists, Artwork has helped my art business tremendously! By having my membership on here, I am able to reach collectors from around the world. My reach on Facebook always goes up to the 10,000’s when a piece gets shared on there. My likes go up and sales happen! Lee has done great things for emerging artists like myself and has such an amazing eye for art. I’m happy to know him and honored to call him a friend. I’m so excited about the new AAA website! It’s streamlined and has it all. It’s a true art community that I’m proud to be a part of!

Jennifer Beaudet


I would like to take a moment and show my appreciation for Arts,Artist and Artwork As an emerging artist it can be tough being noticed and getting your voice heard . Between ,creating works and trying to manage public relations can be daunting ,to say the least. Enter AAA , A family of artists and arts aficionados from all over the globe who share their love of the arts . At the center of this family is a wonderful man ,Albert His passion for the arts and artists deserves a round of applause . Through his Web site and Facebook page ,Albert shares artists and their works for all to appreciate . Giving emerging talent a voice to a large audience while also sharing favourite established artists and their works. I have only recently entered this close knit family , but look forward to the many years that lay ahead. Again ,I applaud all that you do for the Art community . I also ,raise my glass and propose a toast for many more years of success . All of the best Regards Dasmang

Gary Aitken

Proud to be a part of the AAA family!!!

Walk of Silence by Sandra Röken - Skeeter

A few years ago I found the great AAA page on Facebook and I was delighted and impressed. I posted a picture, but to be honest, I never thought that AAA would share my work at their page. One day, some weeks later my Facebook page grew up within a few hours with more than 300 page likes! I couldn’t believe it and first I had no idea where all the new fans came from. Finally I noticed it was AAA. It was unbelievable! AAA shared my work on Facebook and I was so happy and honored. This was my first experience with AAA and all I can say is that it was the best decision since I decided to make art. AAA is a big family of wonderful artists. And I met so many great artist here and also some new friends. Really friends, not only “Facebook friends”! AAA and most of all Lee supported me and my work in every way. Lee is a friend, being there all the time. In the last 8 months I had a hard and stressful time, I was tired of social media and could not find the motivation to work on Facebook and really unfortunately also at the AAA website. But Lee was there for me all the time and I appreciate it so very much, that he gave me the time I needed to get back. We talked during my bad time and he listened to me. It was so reassuring and helpful to me, that he gave me so much time and understanding. I am very grateful to him for that and it means so very much to me. All I can say is, that I am proud and honored to be a part of the wonderful AAA family! Without Lee and AAA I had never found the courage to go on as an artist. To grow up as an artist and to be inspired. Thank you so much AAA -Thank you so very much Lee!!!

Sandra Roeken

Making a difference

ArtsArtistsArtwork ~ I wanted to write you a brief note to say thank you. Since becoming a paid member just barely 3 months ago I had such an increase in visits and followers to my page – and that is tremendously due to your help in getting my work out to more viewers! That additional exposure has resulted in a commission of 12 pieces as well as inquiries for several more both here in the US and abroad. That is easily traced back to you and all your support and hard work. And all for the cost of $10 USD a month. $10? Really? One could easily spend that on a trip to their favorite coffee joint for a cup-a-joe and a scone!! That very small contribution is such a minimal way to say thank you!!

But much more important than the extra traffic and the potential of sales and the always loved “likes” and commentary for something I have worked and put my heart into is the reminder to myself of why I do what what I do and why I love it so much. The two most recent examples of this came quite recently.

One was a note sent to me by the aunt of a non-verbal autistic child living in Barcelona. She has been sharing my work with him since she started following my page (I asked, it was through your FB page she first saw me). One afternoon while going through a couple of my most recent posts she tells me her nephew turns to her and says “these make me feel”. The other came about this past weekend via the communication and inquiry of a new piece I had put up.

The initial inquiry had asked if I might have a similar piece with the same movement but in very specific colors ~ she would be happy to explain the specificity of the request. I took her up on it. Why so specific? So we engaged in conversation. Seems this young woman from Costa Rico has a very rare disorder called “synesthesia” – for lack of better explanation the mapping of senses in her brain are far from different than the “normal” person’s. She sees numbers as colors – music has perceivable textures, words create tastes ……. and; as she told me, she could feel my art. What a wonderful thing to have someone tell you! It gave me goosebumps!

All this being said – these 2 conversations reminded me why I love what I do. Sure, the sales are wonderful, the likes and commentary always welcomed. But it knowing that my art has the ability to actually touch someone. That is what does, and what will keep me going. So thank you – for all your hard work and your all your help! Have a wonderful day!! Sincerely, Michael G Teevan

Michael G Teevan

Thanks, AAA!

Her Summer, 50 x 40 cm oil on canvas by Daria Zaseda

It is very difficult for a young artist to take the first steps in the world where the clouds of information fall down at all potential viewers and buyers every single minute. How can we manage to be noticed? How to believe in ourselves? How can a beginner feel that his or her art inspires other people and makes them happy? We should say that it would be very difficult without AAA. Cooperation with Arts, Artists, Artwork is a good way to find audience around the world. I call on all beginning artists to share their artworks with people, even if those artworks are not perfect yet. And AAA is a great platform for contact with a global audience.

Daria Zaseda

total love and support

This website has continued to show support and appreciation for my work. It has helped me reach out to an audience that I never thought possible and has allowed my art to reach globally to many more fans. Over this last year, I have had so many positive comments and gained a new fan base for my professional page, something I dont feel I could have done alone, had it not been for the good nature, the passion and the dedication of Lee. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you do to support us artists. You and your site are an inspiration, and you work so hard that saying thankyou hardly seems enough. Please keep up the good work you do

peter rackley

I experience my engagement with Arts, Artists, Artwork as a much needed breath of fresh air amidst the cacophony of social media.

It is a place of meeting for people who believe that art is neither an indulgence nor used for self-aggrandizement but a necessary tool to give meaning to survival. Lee’s prompt and exhaustive answers to any/all questions make this space feel familiar and intimate despite its large membership and level of activity.

Odeta Xheka

A wonderful place

I was referred to AAA from a friend of mine. It was a great place to share my art, and was especially important for my confidence as young artist. It is heartening to find this passionate community and I am always inspired to check out all the artwork that is shared from around the world.

Alice Morgan

A great place for artists

AAA is a wonderful place for budding artists like me and my friends. It enabled us to grow and gain confidence as well as exchange ideas with a large variety of artists.

Cheryl Cotts

Reiner Langer

A wonderful Site for Artist’s

Reiner Langer

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