Mo Tuncay, born in Turkey, now living and working in the Netherlands, is a pencil artist who has transformed himself into a prolific abstract painter. Moving to abstract acrylic paints he found a freedom of expression difficult to ignore and has poured himself into his work. His paintings have been collected internationally, mainly Europe and some in North America.

His abstract paintings often display a lot of energy and charisma. His choices with color show an energy and action in an otherwise abstract view. His work continues to evolve as he explores the medium and the form. You’re invited to visit his profile and see his works online.

Here’s a video of Mo Tuncay at work creating one of his abstract paintings.

Acrylic large painting , now you can see me at work(painting session with Tiny de Bruin ) at gallery of Tiny de Bruin

Posted by Mo Tuncay on Monday, 8 June 2015

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