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Ava by Sara Bardin

Sara Bardin is an artist based out of Washington DC who has a very challenging career. It was the stress from the job that encouraged her to begin painting. Raising two daughters and working full-time only offers her little time for painting so she dedicates 8 hours Saturday and 4 hours Sunday to paint.

In the early days she painted many 24 x 24 inch portraits of family and friends. Visiting the US Botanical Gardens inspired her love for flowers and painting painting them. The delicate beauty and vibrant colors affect her deeply and her current obsession is with bearded irises. She’s already planted an entire bed of them to give her inspiration come spring.

In 2014, she was painting any flower that inspired her and then decided to take a painting class to broaden her horizons and push her to new limits.  She experimented with rocks, water, insects, and others, even trying different sized canvases in the search for something to truly inspire her.  When summer came around she stumbled upon the beauty of the bearded irises and was so taken with the velvety texture of the falls, the papery lightness of the standards, and the vibrance of the beards that shoot out from center of the flower.  That’s when she decided to paint them on canvases of 24″ x 36″ and larger and has not been able to let go of this combination since.  Her current project  is of irises on a 3′ x 5′ canvas.

Delta by Sara Bardin

Sara Bardin loves color which can be seen in every painting she creates. Asking her about the rock paintings, she found the texture of the rocks to be fascinating, especially when paired with water and light.  However, ultimately the blandness of their true color did not excite.  She exaggerated the rocks’ color to accentuate the textures and really draw the viewer into a painting of otherwise banal rocks.

Asking about her earlier work with portraits, she says she still does the occasional portrait. Her favorite portrait of a person is “Ava”.  She was the first commissioned portrait and remains one of the least angst ridden portraits she has ever painted.  More recently she was commissioned to paint the portrait of a clients dog, Delta.  She chose to paint the portrait that best represented her personality and the client was ecstatic about the final portrait and hung it proudly in a very central part of his beautiful home.  Unfortunately, Delta passed away and a few months ago.  It was an incredible honor when the owner used an image of the painting for her memorial stone.

Sara Bardin attends shows and events, although not as often as she would like. In the past few months her pieces have been exhibited at four different shows.  In the next month she plans on completing several submissions to exhibit her work. She also enjoys the online exhibition of her art.

In her words, “the ability to instantaneously display works for a large audience upon completion is exhilarating.  I remember the first time I saw the Arts, Artists, Artworks fan page, I remember thinking my work would never be shared, as I had tried on several other pages.  When my work was shared, there was an explosion of new page likes and likes for the painting.  It was then that I realized the importance of an online presence.  I also now submit artwork to online juried exhibitions and have been selected three times in the last three months.”

For now, Sara Bardin’s art remains a part-time endeavor as she juggles family and work. “Creating pieces of art has been immensely fulfilling and it has been life altering.   Between art and my yoga practice, my stress levels are significantly lower, I can only image what they’ll be if I’m painting fulltime.”

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