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A very entertaining and informative presentation helping us examine the notion that Modern Art is Bullshit!! Enjoy the show

The age old question, ‘is modern art ‘bullshit’

There have been many accusations and arguments against contemporary art, in this video I have attempted to tackle all of them, or at least most of them. I do this not through one liner answers or snobby dismissals but through an attempt of respectful critical thinking.

The elitist philosophy of fine art should not be used anymore because the ideas of postmodernism or conceptualism is so similar to todays internet culture. It’s not so much that I wanted to make this video, but more that this video NEEDED to be made, and know I present it to you.

I give you “The pretentious show episode 11 : Modern art is bullshit(?)
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2 Replies to “The Pretentious Show: Modern art is bullshit?”

  1. Okay so Im gonna listen to the video because the introduction gripped me…goddamnit!

    But you sure as heck do not make sense in your text.
    You’re literally suggesting that the elitist philosophy of fine art should not be used anymore because it’s not elitist enough anymore (as it has become part of the modern norm online).


  2. Okay it was a good episode and I agreed with everything and it’s precisely why I hate modern art.
    It’s a joke, and yes it can be a fun joke to either be in on or to ridicule.

    But those trying to get in on it are those who I feel pity for you.
    This is why we get the Eppstein kind of stuff.

    “modern” art such as the examples you describe has no objective value nor does it actively critique society,. It is arbitrary and based on name recognition by those who are in on the joke. Artists that try to get in question themselves on “why not me but him or her?” and then they go and suck some old chaps cock (figuratively or literally) to be the “in” rather than the out.

    Modern art is if anything a critique of our capitalist or rather post capitalist society where value is ever more created out of nothing and where the ultra rich have reached such absurd levels of wealth they no longer know what to spend it on except on either inflated “jokes” or hoarding power.

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