This is a big question that needs to be taken seriously. What is the purpose of art? Working with coordinating this artist collective and promoting their artwork via social media, I see a general trend by viewers responding toward the visually appealing artworks. But serious artwork isn’t always about the visually appealing. Sometimes we want art that unsettles the viewers. We want art that speaks a message. There is room for all of it. But I think what we need to also do as viewers is recognize this and engage more in the art that doesn’t trigger that pleasure response. Use your eyes and voice to bring the discussion of great art more into the open, opening all of our minds in the process. I think we still have a lot to learn.

Take a look at all the great responses–over 200 and counting–and the breadth of variety in perspectives. Visit the post and leave your own idea about the purpose of art.

This post came shortly after a controversial post generated far more comments than I had anticipated. My hat is off to the artist, Sam Quilter, for having his pulse on the heartbeat of the American people and the story that is Trump.

So many angles can be taken when considering the meaning, intent, and message that this artwork offers. It’s certainly controversial, just as the election itself is controversial. People took exception with Arts, Artists, Artwork posting this artwork, assuming a side has been taken and an opinion endorsed. I share sentiments and feelings with other people but that doesn’t often influence why I post things.

Arts, Artists, Artwork has always endeavored to provide a platform to share artist’s work. We love sharing a variety of styles and talents, seeing emerging artists grow and find their crowd. And at important times of our lives we strive to also post art that is inspired by such events, including the holidays we share, or special world events.

So what do you think the purpose of art is?

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