Thelma Zambrano lives and works in Mexico. She has shown herself to be a prolific painter with stunning mixes of figurative with abstract to create more room for the imagination. Her journey with painting began at the age of 7 when she asked her parents for painting lessons. Later in life she also returned the favour by teaching art classes and she hasn’t stopped learning or teaching since. Some of her teachers have been Román Flores, Enrique Elías, Susana Gómez, Sergio Villarreal, and Juan Carlos Romero.

Her work and portfolio is diverse, offering her art collectors a variety of subjects, style, and color from which to choose. Landscapes, Birds, Nature, Fauna, and Abstract are primary categories by which she has her artwork grouped. Visiting her website one is overwhelmed at the work she has produced. A talented, bubbly and happy painter who brings that effervescent energy to us through her paintings.


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