by Lee Down

In the often-isolating world of art creation, having a supportive community can be a real game-changer. Starting in 2009, Arts Artists Artwork (AAA) has been that game-changer for countless artists around the globe, transforming solitary pursuits into collaborative triumphs. Aiming to harness the power of community and digital connection, AAA has morphed from a simple social media sharing platform to an extensive online marketplace for artists. Created by artists, for artists, and run by artists, AAA has become the heart and soul of the digital art world.

If you’re an artist exploring digital avenues for showcasing your work and building your brand, here are reasons why AAA is an excellent place to grow and prosper.

Arts Artists Artwork-An Artists Community

Embrace the Power of Community

1. Unparalleled Exposure: For just $6.95/month ($8.95/month after the upgrade), your artwork is regularly shared on AAA’s well-established social media platforms with over 1.5 million followers. This offers exposure to thousands of potential patrons, collaborators, and critics.

2. Low Commission Rates: AAA’s commission rate is a super-low 15%. That means more of your hard-earned income remains in your pocket. As fellow artists, we understand the importance of getting adequately compensated for your work.

3. An Online Marketplace: Over the past few years, AAA has invested heavily in creating an online marketplace for artists to sell their work. This e-commerce platform brings your art to the fingertips of art lovers worldwide, opening new sales opportunities.

4. Constant Evolution: AAA believes in growing and evolving alongside technology. With your monthly membership fees, we continually improve our website and marketing strategies, so you always get the best possible exposure.

5. Collective Strength: Our strength lies in unity. As more artists join, our advertising power grows. Your membership fuels broader outreach and enhanced online visibility. A modest investment today can create substantial dividends tomorrow.

6. Mutual Support and Learning: Being part of AAA means being part of a network of passionate artists. We learn from each other, critique each other, and grow together.

7. Patience and Persistence Pay Off: Building your presence online and earning from your art is a journey, not a destination. By committing to this journey with AAA, you can reap the rewards of consistency, persistence, and patience.

Arts Artists Artwork Online Marketplace

The Future of Art Sales at AAA

While the sales history at AAA has been gradual since the launch of the online marketplace in 2019, it’s essential to focus on the continuous upward trajectory. Every year, sales have consistently increased, demonstrating growing patron interest and engagement. Although it might seem slow to you at times, remember that in the art world, a single sale can be transformative.

We firmly believe in the value and potential of our artist community. That’s why, in 2023, we’ve investing in a significant website upgrade, designed to enhance the user experience and improve page-load speeds. These upgrades are likely to fuel even more engagement, and in turn, lead to higher sales volumes. We’re in the final stages of development and looking forward to transitioning it to the live site.

Patience, persistence, and partnership are at the heart of every successful artist’s journey. At AAA, we’re excited about the future. Join us, and let’s paint a vibrant future together. Your canvas awaits you.

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