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About Alessio Mazzarulli

I was born in 1974 and I live and work in Pescara, Italy.

My first experience with art was at school, thanks to the art education professor I took a brush for the first time.

After this scholastic approach I was able to get closer to the comic by collaborating with a local magazine I made the satirical cartoons (which I have never abandoned so much that still today it happens to publish some satirical cartoon).

Thanks to comics, I was able to meet a teacher who, in addition to teaching me the techniques of drawing, directed me towards sculpture starting with the processing of a block of homemade soap by my grandmother. Then I discovered the clay and the whole world that revolves around it.

The first years of 2000 were years of very intense production having also created an artisan oven for baking clay.

Since December 2014, after a long period of “standstill”, I have resumed with the “two dimensions” leaving out the sculpture and dedicating myself to the creation of acrylic paintings, producing over 460 works in almost 5 years.


I love to paint abstract landscapes but in the last few years, I was been fascinated with portraits – whether an abstract subject or a real one.

Painting is locking in the exact moment, so mine paintings are often a faded memory or something erased from time. Sometimes the objects of mine paintings are glimpses of walls that are eroded by time, with moss and mushrooms that grow over time.

The time that passes inexorably is the main theme of my work.

Because of mine  background with sculptures, I’m familiar with the third dimension and the sense of touch. I applie these to mine paintings, which are characterized by touches that are well-perceived to the naked eye.

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