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About Alain Rouschmeyer

“The first thing I did in the world was draw, like all kids, but many don’t continue”


Graphite, ink, charcoal, pastels, watercolors, acrylic paint have always been my favorite tools, and have been since my earliest childhood. I had the opportunity to do my artistic studies in the 75s and I graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Metz and Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in Alsace, in the east of France for those who do not know . It is a gourmet region, with fairly typical landscapes and where good humor is common.

My training as an architect often invites me to work on painting with a concept of temporal and visual interweaving, where the support becomes an accomplice of an emotion. The notion of triptych attracts me because it inspires me with offbeat links in relation to a main situation. I also like to play with the surface of the support to take into account only the main subject and position it in “its space” canvas.

Emotion and poetry in the instantaneity of a strong moment.

I particularly like working on the temporal relationship of a strong moment or the vision interpreted through a particular framing or a triptych that establishes a sequential reading of this perceived moment.

Passionate about sketching, I like to mix realism or figuration with a minimalist universe sketched and crobarded.

I remain at your disposal and to the pleasure

alain rouschmeyer


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