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About Alain Rouschmeyer

Alain Rouschmeyer is a certified and listed professional French artist: see the certification

Alain Rouschmeyer is best known for his acrylic paintings on medium-format canvas and his contemporary ink drawings. Observer of everyday life, he analyzes the human journey through the postures and spaces crossed, as if to probe the banal and capture its scent. His artistic itinerary invites him to work on architecture in which he likes to reflect on living spaces and the cross-functionalities that define their uses. Like a poet analyst, Alain Rouschmeyer’s work navigates between reality and intimacy, revealing attachment and detachment at the whim of a conscious will. He explores the hidden dimension of a daily life that never ceases to challenge us like warm jazz or blues music, like a score that invites us to take a break with the attentive and colorful gaze of an original sketch. The romanticism of which he fully assumes the contemporary and timeless translation inhabits the medium like an involved space.

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