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About Andriette


I’m Andriette Chrisoleen. My passion is creating beautiful things, but sometimes practical things too.

Born in 1982 and currently living in a small village called Nootdorp in the Netherlands. I am married to a fantastic man and have two wonderful, handsome and intelligent (bonus)kids and an amazing dog. Kaz (my dog) is a big inspiration for lots of drawings, I even calls all my drawings, paintings or even sculptures of paper and clay I made of Kaz a “PiKazzie”.

Relaxing and expressing myself was something I’ve learned during my year sabbatical from work in 2019. During this year I got to know my passion (creating art) and enjoying life again!

Africa feels like my second home. My parents are born in South Africa and most of my family lives there. Every time I visit Africa I go on safari. The wide plains, beautiful nature and amazing animals is something I can enjoy to the fullest.

My dog Kaz is a rescued dog. We got him when he was 9 months. He was found on the streets in Spain and brought to the Netherlands by an amazing foundation, Sphoek.

I will donate a portion of all sales to Wildlife in Africa and to Sphoek.

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