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About Andriette Chrisoleen

Andriette Chrisoleen is a talented abstract (with a touch of realism) painter, born in Amsterdam in 1982. From an early age she demonstrated an interest for drawing and creating, excelling in art and craft classes throughout her schooling. However, it wasn’t until years later, during a sabbatical from work, that Andriette rediscovered her passion for creating art and decided to pursue it as a profession.
Specializing in wildlife paintings and portraiture, Andriette quickly established herself as a succesful and accomplished artist, showcasing her work in local restaurants and public places. To further develop her skills and refine her artistic voice, she enrolled in the Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute, where she graduates in 2023.

Andriette’s imaginative and innovative artwork inspires viewers to live their lives with a sense of passion and purpose. Her artwork is a reflection of her innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences, with no boundaries or expectations. Through her innovative use of color, texture, and form, she invites the viewer on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, inspiring them to see the world in new and exciting ways.

She works with different kinds of media, including acrylic paints, inks, spray paints and oil paints, on paper and canvas of varying sizes.

”I invite you into a world of wonder and possibility, where anything is possible as far as the imagination reaches”

Her studio, AC Avenue, is a warm and inviting space filled with greenery and natural light. And when the Dutch weather permits, she loves to work outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest.

As her reputation continues to grow, collectors and patrons alike are eager to acquire her pieces, recognizing the extraordinary talent and potential of this emerging artist. With a bright and promising future ahead of her, Andriette to become one of the most influential and inspiring artists of her generation, travelling around the world to showcase her artwork and share her passion for art.

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