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About Sadie's Kreations

Hey There,
Thank you for visiting my page!
Or maybe I should say Thank you for visiting my brain!

Either way, I’m really happy you stopped by for a visit.

I’ll get straight to the point:
1. I AM a primarily, “self-taught” artist
2. I have won many art awards (a lot of them without my knowledge)
3. I love to upcycle paper, plastic, metal, dried foliage, glass, etc. The “upcycled” piece comes to new life after I’m done with it.
4. I ONLY do originals! I just can’t do print, something inside me prevents me from doing so. I will however, from time to time have merchandise in limited quantities. So, stay tuned for that. PLEASE!
5. I get hurt pretty easily, so please be kind to this ole soul and body!

That’s about it. All of the above, boil down to my life and my art.

I just like making things pretty. Giving them new life! Playing with colors and art supplies, I come up with pieces that have a Stendahl ability to them. In a good way, as everyone says. My pieces will wow you, encourage, empower you through the flow of colors and textures.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this šŸ˜€

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