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My name is Zuzana Murenji Domonkos. I started painting 10 years ago. Creativity has always been part of my life in several other forms (craft, graphic design). Currently I am working as an accountant and the world of numbers does not satisfy my creative desire, so I started painting.

It started as a hobby but soon I realised it is more than that. I am self-tought and I learn continuously while I create my works. My ideas come to me in my dreams and  I strive to make them reality.

I mainly  use acrylic to create my artwork because it is very versatile. It can be mixed with several other mediums which give different attribute to it therefore there will be a more exciting  piece of art. I follow the latest trends and of course I apply them as well. Thanks to this my art represents more kinds of styles. I use high quality materials with very good quality to make my painting long-lasting. I apply varnish as a finishing lac, which makes the work of art more durable.

I am trying to create such works of art  that are worthy of being decorations of modern homes and filling the rooms full of life.  These creations guarantee a demanding atmosphere  such as classic or modern flats, office, restaurant, cafe or even a complete building.

Many people ask me “When do I have time to paint while I have my work and family?” If someone manages her time well then she will have time for that she loves. My husband is a veterinarian, but he has a good sense of painting. He is my main supporter but at the same time he is my strictest critic as well. Our children are already adults and live their own lives in Budapest (Hungary) and Haarlem (Holland). I have a wonderful family and I feel thankful for their support. I  have inherited my talent from my mother, so I need to thank her for that too.

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