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About Barbara Strubell


Barbara Strubell artist statement.


Born and educated in Connecticut, I supported myself as a hairdresser. I moved to Maine in the late 70’s. I lived and worked in Maine driving trucks and working construction for the MDOT for several years before opening Artful Designs Hair Care at Southwest Harbor Shoppes in 1984. I started painting seriously in 2008 after a long hiatus from art to raise my daughter.

Making the time to pursue my passion, I now paint in the winter one day a week and study art history on my own. I want to see how good I can get and sell enough to travel to see the great museums here and around the world.

My preferred medium is oil, with a few watercolor and drawing classes and am planning on doing more narrative works along with my landscapes and still life’s.

Realism is my style now and I am looking forward to exploring abstract art. I hope to be able to express myself through painting. I love to paint and am finding the more I paint and learn, the more excited I get about it. I have been studying Art History on my own, using the Great Courses from the Teaching Company and various books and DVDs and online classes with Daniel Edmundson and Streamline instructors. I attended the first FACE in Miami and am improving my skills.

I recently funded a trip to study art in Florence, Italy October 2014 with the sales of my paintings, a lifelong goal I finally achieved.  I would like be written up in American Art Review, and see how good I can get through the years.

My paintings are displayed at my salon Artful Designs Hair Care and Art, along with greeting cards and prints of my paintings.

My work has shown at the Southwest Harbor Library, The Salty Dog Gallery in Southwest Harbor, and the MDI Open at Sam Shaw’s Jewelry in Northeast Harbor.

Having lived in 8 foster homes and an orphanage before being adopted at 12, art has always been an easy and a safe outlet as a child. It has helped me come to terms with the various dysfunctions from my background and now in my 60’s, I find painting gives me peace and centers me, no matter what happens.



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